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There are two main types of baseball mitts; catcher and first baseman.

The Catcher's Mitt:
The Catcher’s Mitt is a leather mitt worn by baseball catchers.  It is different from a normal fielder’s glove because it has more padding and the fingers are connected.  The mitt is like a mitten and does not have individual fingers.  The mitt is designed to be able to catch a 90 plus an hour fastballs.  Mitts are measured by the circumference.
There are single and dual hinge varieties and come in different sizes usually in 32-34 inch patterns. 

First Baseman's Mitt:
The First Baseman’s Mitt is a leather mitt worn by first basemen. There are four fingers and they are connected and rounded like the catcher’s mitt.  It is wider and longer than the fielder's glove to assist in picking up or scooping up balls thrown by infielders. The four fingers are connected and the glove is rounded like a catcher's mitt. A first baseman's mitt has a bit more padding than a standard fielder's glove.  These mitts are measured from wrist to tip and usually have 12.5 to 12.75 inch patterns. 

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