Who can forget Mary Lou Retton’s perfect 10?!

Gymnastics is a sport that requires strength, flexibility and balance. It is also a big investment in time, money and commitment.  Trainers, coaches and classes add up.  If you have an aspiring Mary Lou, one way to save is to purchase cheap gymnastics equipment without sacrificing quality. Find name brand gymnastic equipment at wholesale and discount prices that fit your budget.

Find Cheap Gymnastic Equipment:

  • balance beams
  • horizontal, parallel, uneven bars
  • mats
  • rosin, grips, rings
  • pommel horses
  • leotards
  • jackets
  • shoes, t-shirts, sweats
  • books, DVD’s

Did You Know?

Fun Gymnastics Facts:

  • The word gymnastics is derived from the Greek language and means 'to exercise'
  • Gymnastics is considered one of the oldest forms of exercise
  • Drawings found on Egyptian artifacts are some of the earliest depictions of gymnastics
  • Men’s gymnastics first became part of the Olympic games in 1896 
  • Women’s gymnastics were not included in the Olympic games until the 1920’s
  • Today women dominate the sport of gymnastics and is one of the most popular games watched in the Olympics

Gymnastics Can Improve:

  • Body strength
  • Eye and foot coordination
  • Good posture
  • Rhythm
  • Memory

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