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Darts are a fun game that do not require a lot of equipment and can be set up most anywhere.  Enjoy a dart board in your home and office or enjoy throwing darts at your local sports restaurant.  Wherever you like to play darts, discount dart equipment can meet all of your equipment needs and save you money.

Discount Dart Equipment:

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In 1984 the first televised nine dart game was hosted in Slough, England. John Lowe won £102,000 in this very first televised dart game.

Anatomy of the Dart:

  • Shaft—Main part of the dart.  Shafts made of brass are the lightest.
  • Grip—Place where you hold the dart.  It is grooved, patterned or has knurls.
  • Tips—Part of the dart that goes into the board.  The tips are steel or soft.
  • Flight—This is the part of the dart that helps it to fly and are also referred to as wings.  The wings on the dart are made out of synthetic plastic.
  • Brass--This is the lightest weight dart made. 
  • Nickel, silver and tungsten—These make the dart heavier without increasing the size of the dart.

Dart Boards:  There are two main types.


Darts can be played with very basic equipment or you can go wild and get a lot of very cool equipment and accessories.  When you buy discount dart equipment you can meet your budget and have great gear.  Purchase everything you need and want by buying discount dart equipment today!