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When looking for bikes consider discount bikes and discount bike equipment. Bicycling is something the whole family can do for free outside while getting exercise and spending quality time together. Other pluses are that riding the trails are fun, provide variety and have beautiful scenery.

You don't have to skimp when you buy discount bike equipment!
Discount bicycle equipment doesn’t mean that you have to lose out on customization.  Look for manufacturers that offer discounts and customization.  Meet your customization needs for seats, clothing, bike specifications and equipment and pay wholesale prices. 

Just because it isn’t advertised, doesn’t mean the manufacturer doesn’t have it or won’t lower a price for you.  If you do not see what you want call the distributor or manufacturer directly.  Sometimes just asking will lead to getting you what you would truly like to have.  Keep in mind also, that specials or upcoming discounts are not always listed.  Ask about upcoming sales, specials, returned or discontinued items available that for whatever reason haven’t been advertised yet.

Burn calories and save money when you purchase discount bikes!  
Finding discount bike equipment can help you on the way to getting the bicycle and the figure you want. Did you know that if you biked for 30 minutes, depending on your effort and your weight, you can burn between 200 to 570 calories?

150-pound person:
200 calories with light effort
270 with moderate effort
320 with vigorous effort

A 250-pound person:
340 calories with light effort
450 with moderate effort
570 with vigorous effort

Most importantly, just have fun! Get off the coach, pry your kids away from the video games and go for a ride on your new bike! Find the perfect discount bikes for you by clicking our ads and links so you and your family can discover the restorative value of biking the trails.