Find Cheap Autographed Memorabilia!

Owning a slice of baseball history is exciting. Finding cheap autographed baseball memorabiliaadds to the excitement. An autograph from a baseball player is a permanent keepsake and it's an investment that can increase over time. In fact, it's common for items that were once cheap autographed baseball souvenirs to be worth many times their original price. In the 1930's autographed Babe Ruth baseballs sold for a few dollars. Today, those same baseballs are worth thousands. Discounted Autographed Baseball Memorabilia is both enjoyable to collect and can become, over time, a great investment. Discovering autographed memorabilia at wholesale and discounted prices just adds to the fun!

In 1927, Jacob Warren Bowman, a bubble gum salesman, started his own company called Gum, Inc. What does gum have to do with Baseball Memorabilia?  In 1939, Gum Inc. began including baseball cards with their gum. This sparked fans into collecting cards, trading cards and seeking players to autograph cards. Today collectors and fans alike seek baseball memorabilia that has the added thrill of an autograph. In addition to the traditional autograph on baseball cards, game baseballs and bats; autographs can be found on game bases, uniforms, cleats, hats and gloves.

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  • Autographed Gloves
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Ensure the potential value of your collection by displaying and storing your collection properly:

  • Keep your memorabilia out of direct sunlight
  • When possible, keep your memorabilia in the original packaging
  • Provide protective packaging and storage for your memorabilia
  • Storage and packaging should keep your memorabilia cool, dry and free of moisture

Most of all, have fun with it. Collecting autographed baseball memorabilia is a great hobby for the whole family. The potential value is a bonus but the time spent enjoying the process is a way to enrich family memories for generations to come.